Mac Shine, Principal Investigator – I am a systems neurobiologist working to understand the mechanisms of cognition and attention using functional brain imaging, both in health and disease. I have a particular interest in understanding how the different arms of the ascending arousal system flexibly modulate the cross-scale organisation of the brain to facilitate adaptive behaviour. I am currently working as a joint NHMRC/Bellberry fellow at The University of Sydney.

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Twitter: @jmacshine

Eli Müller, Postdoctoral researcher – Eli is a postgraduate researcher in physics and neuroscience within the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney. His research focusses on systems neuroscience, using dynamical systems theory to guide analysis of large scale biophysical brain models of arousal, Parkinson’s disease, and deep brain stimulation treatments. He uses insights gleaned from these models, and their anatomical underpinnings, to shape novel techniques for analysing whole-brain neuroimaging datasets with a particular focus on brain state trajectories across cognition and consciousness.

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Twitter: @eli_j_muller

Brandon Munn, Postdoctoral researcher – I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Sydney. My career goal is to understand the hidden order of complex systems through physics-inspired insights. I have a particular interest in the brain and how its many cross-scale systems interact to give rise to a singular unified conscious experience. This passion was ingrained from my doctoral studies within the Complex Systems group at the University of Sydney’s School of Physics. I am currently a research fellow at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, where I am applying my novel skillset to understand the machinations of the human mind.

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Twitter: @DrBMunn

Vicente Medel, Postdoctoral researcher – My interest focuses on multiscale information processing in the brain, and the modulatory role of neurotransmitters in shaping brain complex dynamics and behavior. My research combines scalp and intracranial electrophysiology, fMRI, pupil diameter analysis, and computational modeling.

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Twitter: @medelero



  • Joe Lizier (University of Sydney)
  • Ben Fulcher (University of Sydney)
  • Michael Breakspear (Newcastle University)
  • Rob Sanders (University of Sydney)
  • Sharon Naismith (University of Sydney)
  • Elie Matar (University of Sydney)
  • Claire O’Callaghan (University of Sydney)
  • Thomas Carlson (University of Sydney)
  • Glenda Halliday (University of Sydney)
  • Simon Lewis (University of Sydney)
  • Aurina Arnatkevicute (Monash University)


  • Russ Poldrack (Stanford University)
  • Olaf Sporns (Indiana University)
  • Ralph Adolphs (California Institute of Technology)
  • Yuri Saalman (University of Wisconsin)
  • Laura Lewis (Boston University)
  • Yohan Josh (Boston University)
  • Patrick Bissett (Stanford University)
  • Sanmi Koyejo (University of Illinois)
  • Kai Hwang (Iowa University)


  • Paul Cisek (University of Montreal)
  • Kaylena Ehgoetz Martens (University of Waterloo)
  • James Danckaert (University of Waterloo)


  • Matthew Larkum (Humboldt University of Berlin)
  • Sofie Valk (Max Planck)
  • Doug Garrett (Max Planck)
  • Jaan Aru (University of Tartu)
  • Dan Weiss (University of Tuebingen)